Wolfram save the day again

The Untold Story : Believe in what u see, Not in what u hear. Just be there for that someone when they need help

Salam Eidul-Fitr (Eid Mubarak) kepada semua Muslim samada di bumi Australia mahupun balik di tanah air tercinta Malaysia, mahupun rakan2 di seluruh negara, yang baru sampai US, India tu, jgn la sedih, bukan korg je miss x dapat dgn family, kami pun merasa sekali. heh. haha..

Alhamdulillah, its been a long journey of Ramadhan and im sure gonna miss whole lotta bits of it. Bulan penuh rahmat keberkatan itu is the time where we always remind ourselves if we want to make changes.

Di kesempatan ini, Selamat Hari Raya lagi sekali. Its been a fun and exciting experience raya in oversea. Walaupun raya satu hari je pun, esok nya kelas ohh and the best part of that: MIDTERM dah nak dekat brother -____-

Raya di perantauan dari kami Warga DesaBundoora

Soooo... apa lagi nak cerita, nothing much, tgh nak look forward for the future, esok which is today technically (24.8) ada dua open house kawan ajak at the same time. So eeniee meenie, pergi yg dekat je lah. Ahad got open day on Uni, so our lab are open, in which Haygie is soo excited in building the next Laser Tag Robot. Im in!! Look forward to it. Seminggu lagi is my birthday, take noted guys. 31/8 is also the Malaysian Fest day for La Trobe Uni which im very sure myself will be quite busy helping. Sometimes ak rasa ak senyap sangat dalam board meeting. Bukan xnk bagi pandangan, just mcm, , didnt really participate giving my opinion since everyone dah voice theirs. But Muzz did say something, other MSA society are more enthusiastic than us. So, camne tu, Sorry on that note guys. Tesselaar Tulip Fest pun is coming, so inshaallah kalaw x sibuk bole tengok bunga2 nih. Google image Tulip Festival confem korang jelez. kahkahkah.. 

Nota kaki, I have this one best friend who when I look at him always remind me of being nice to people, and people will be nice to you back. Jangan harapkan anything from a person you know those stuff yg benda haram apa benda jadah sume tu. But yeah, do remind ourselves of that. His word since I first met him like in Form 1 really still teringat lagi. Nice jumpa him again on twitter. Those snap moment datang balik. Inshaallah, thanks again Naz. aite.

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