not pulling any douche tricks

 "douche move" - A douche move is when someone does something just to be an asshole. ... Douche Move: v. def. Anything stupid done that makes one look like an even bigger etr...

 you cant prevent someone's feelings, most of the time the feelings are felt unintentionally 
*im going English yup!

i had to admit it. sometimes, it takes an incident to prove that you really fallen for someone. In the first place, I keep denying myself how I just like her, but honestly, honestly speaking, the longer it takes, i started to fallen for her all over.. 
Well frankly I do find you somewhat attractive. By the way we speak to; It might be just a few words or just a smile.. but knowing that you were someone else s.. just make me thinking how much I wanted you..
It's just like a game of give and take. U never realized how much it is to you until you have lose them..
My principle = let fate meet us..
Time + Luck 
and a little communication and excitement to - dull moment
knowing when and why does it does not happen??
But usually, what happen is what we never wish for really did..
For instance.. I never knew you be on the staircase that day,
I never knew that you would add me on FB suddenly,
or even ask for a relationship (that's funny)
I never believe that I could talk to you like that and found out that you don't have that slang.
If U ask anyone around it is not about simplicity or why making it complicated??
But unexpected things always occur;
unexpected things always occur.
By now I'm just putting my hope and dreams..
Only just one day... one day.. if it were true..
you be besides me..
in the meantime.. happiness is all I wish for..

like I said earlier.. I'm not pulling any douche moves..
It's just a lame excuse of being born on this world..

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